UAM – Centennial Clock Tower


UAM – Centennial Clock Tower

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UAM – Centennial Clock Tower

Location: Monticello, Arkansas

Challenge: To commemorate the hundredth anniversary of the school’s founding, UAM wanted to create some sort of permanent marker or monument that could also be a vehicle for alumni participation and fundraising.

Performance: Performance: Fennell Purifoy suggested a clock tower as a commemoration that would also anchor the “quad” and provide timekeeping for students and faculty.The design incorporates elements of the historic buildings on the site, including the natural stone and buttresses at the corners. With clock faces on each side, the tower presents a visible “center” for the campus.

Description: Using native sandstone and cast stone, the load bearing masonry structure is built for the next one hundred years. A time capsule was placed at the base upon the completion of the tower.