Katherine Lashley

Katherine Lashley, AIA

Katherine joined the firm in May of 2016, after graduating from the Fay Jones School of Architecture at the University of Arkansas. Katherine spent a summer abroad in Mexico City learning about the complexities of urban design, and another semester in Rome studying the historical and architectural palimpsest of the city (its present form in which layers of the Ancient and Renaissance past can still be read). In addition to design studios at school, she took cello lessons with Arkansas Symphony’s principal cellist, David Gerstein, traveled twice to Zhaotong, China to work with English majors at a local college, and completed a research thesis which focused on the cultural and social implications of post-disaster architecture. She also worked in the Fay Jones School of Architecture’s DesignShop where she performed machine maintenance and tested the fabrication limits of laser cutters, CNC routers, powder/FDM printers, vinyl cutters, and vacuum formers.

Katherine received her architectural license in December of 2019.