To create buildings that exceed expectations in both how they look and how they work, Fennell Purifoy relies on a discovery process that precisely distills the desires of the client and the needs of the end user, to ensure a successful collaboration. Fennell Purifoy asks the right questions and listens intently to the answers. By digging deeper, we learn more, to create buildings that do more, which invariably leads to greater client satisfaction.

Much like our quest to gather the most relevant information before the first drawing, our design phase is rigorous and far-reaching. Our goal is to create designs that are tasteful, elegant, understated and smart—buildings that look good, work hard and are easy to maintain. The ethos of performance design has been instilled by the firm’s partners since its founding in 1985 and manifests itself in every project that FPA touches. The firm’s size and nimble operating structure allow principals Tom Fennell and Phil Purifoy to oversee day-to-day activity and challenge associates to work harder and smarter to generate profound results.

There is no more quantifiable measure of performance on a building project than the bottom line. Fennell Purifoy takes great pride in our ability and responsibility to provide the best and most effective building for your budget. But our concern for making your money go farther doesn’t end when the project is complete. Through energy saving considerations in site layout, design and material selection, Fennell Purifoy strives to see that operating costs for the life of the building are also always top of mind.