Marquis Brown

Marquis Brown, Intern Architect

My attraction to architecture developed early on from my interest in art and math.  At the university those interests escalated drastically due to the multitude of different architects I was encouraged to study.  I was able to travel abroad to Rome and get introduced to historical and modern Roman architecture.  While finishing my final year at the school I developed a fascination for residential architecture.  This was stemmed from a deep, thorough analysis of the workings of E. Fay Jones between me and other students.  Included in this analysis was an interactive timeline of E. Fay Jones’ life, the mapping and diagramming of his works, and virtual reconstruction of his unbuilt house.  Outside of architecture my other fascination is cooking.  A professor once told me all great architecture follows a recipe but it was up to me to go out and find it.

I am currently working towards becoming a licensed architect by participating in NCARB’s Architectural Experience Program and studying for the Architect Registration Exams.