Audubon Arkansas State Offices


Audubon Arkansas State Offices

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Audubon Arkansas State Offices

Challenge: Take an abandoned community center left from a demolished public housing project and adapt the structure for use as a nature center and state office for Audubon, Arkansas. The existing building, though structurally sound, had no thermal insulation and many of the windows had been bricked-up for security reasons..

Performance: The existing roof structure was retrofitted with insulation and reflective roofing designed to funnel rainwater to three new cisterns for irrigation. Un-insulated masonry walls were wrapped in straw bales, then coated with earthen and lime plasters for an R-value of 60+. Interior temperatures are now stable thanks to the thermal mass contained within the insulation envelope. Reflective corrugated metal siding and roofing provide protection from the sun and rain. High efficiency mechanical equipment and computer-controlled lighting maximize energy savings.

Description: With conference space, teaching labs, office areas and native plant gardens, the Audubon Center serves a wide range of community and neighborhood needs in an environmentally friendly manner. By rehabilitating an existing structure, Audubon is able to use its facility as an example and teaching tool for environmental science.