CenturyTel Office Building Addtion


CenturyTel Office Building Addtion

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CenturyTel Office Building Addition

Location: Jacksonville, Arkansas

Challenge: Design an attractive, 12,000-square-foot addition to a large institutional building built in the early 1970s. Create a new, professional corporate image of a progressive communications company.

Performance: Clerestories located in the corridors allow natural light to flood the interior spaces of the building, thus reducing the need for artificial lighting. Large overhangs and vertical shading devices along the South façade reduce solar gain in the summer months and maximize gain in the winter. Perforated metal awnings shade west-facing windows.

Description: CenturyTel is a provider of communications, high-speed Internet and entertainment services in small to midsize cities through broadband and fiber transport networks. The new addition is home to the corporate offices for the Regional Headquarters for the company.