UAM – Wells & Sorrells Hall Renovation


UAM – Wells & Sorrells Hall Renovation

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UAM – Wells & Sorrells Halls Renovations

Location: Monticello, Arkansas

Challenge: Transform two aging, historic buildings into first-class academic space,and address building code and accessibility deficiencies. The existing facilities presented additional issues with short beam spans and the hybrid wood/concrete structure.

Performance: The solutions for these buildings involved reworking the corridors and egress stairs to meet fire codes as well as create easier access throughout both buildings. The “green” solution was to build new fire stairs and an elevator on the exterior, saving heating and cooling costs. These new elements are located so that they can be used by both buildings as a covered connection at both floor levels. Further, the new exterior elements were developed as outdoor plazas/gathering spaces.

Description: Through careful programming and design, the renovated facilities have more useable space after remodeling. The new academic spaces utilize state-of-the-art mechanical and lighting systems that offer high comfort with low energy use. Although the new exterior elements are contemporary in design, the use of similar materials and properly scaled details creates a “whole greater than the parts.”